"We are men and women coming from different paths and experiences, united by the belief that scouting is a path of freedom for all the seasons of life and that happiness is in serving others."

From MASCI Community Covenant

This is the international page of the MASCI Lazio dedicated to adult scouts all over the world!
The MASCI (Italian Adult Catholic Scout Movement) "is an adult organization addressed to all men and women who share the ideals and principles of Scouting" (Article 1 of our Community Covenant). MASCI is member of e International Scout and Guide Fellowship (ISGF)
We care lifelong learning in adults trough Scout method. The fellowship is organized into twenty regional branches for each of the Italian regions. MASCI Lazio has 36 communities, for a total of 500 adult scouts.Our region is located in central Italy and hosts Rome, the splendid Capital full of history and art, the city of St. Peter's Basilica and the Colosseum. Latium includes four other fascinating “province” (departments): Frosinone, Latina, Viterbo and Rieti. In addition to a great artistic and cultural heritage, our region is rich of natural treasures: the long coast over the Tyrrhenian Sea, with the Pontine islands; wonderful lakes (e.g. Bracciano and Bolsena), magnificent walks can be made on the Cimini mountains or on the Terminillo. Nearby the city of Rieti MASCI holds a scout center, named “Base scout di Sala -Riccardo della Rocca”, in memory of a great figure of reference for our fellowship. 
"This base has been, and will continue to be, a meeting place of fraternity, among those who are united by the same Law and Promise."(Sonia Mondin, President of MASCI, Ceremony of dedication of the center, 18 June 2017). 
We offer welcome and orientation services in our wonderful region to scout fellows who are visiting or wanting to take part in our initiatives. 
Some activities by MASCI Lazio:
On the first day of each year, MASCI takes part in the march for Peace, on Via della Conciliazione in front of the Basilica of San Pietro; in February we realize many initiatives on the occasion of the Thinking Day; on 23rd April, Day of San Giorgio, we renew our Promise in a ceremony in San Giorgio al Velabro, in the center of Rome; in summer we organize work camps in the areas recently hit by the earthquake (Amatrice in particular); in Christmas time we care the diffusion of the Light of Peace, a flame that from Bethlehem is shared all over the world.
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Pubblicato: Giovedì, 10 Gennaio 2019
On the first day of each year the MASCI participates in the March for Peace organized by the Community of Sant'Egidio in Rome. Also last Tuesday, January 1st, therefore, under the sun of a cold Roman day, some of us met as usual at the start of Via della Conciliazione, with many young and old people from all over the world to give a testimony of Peace. Our group moved behind our blue banner with the white and red lily of our movement. Around us multicolored flags of Peace, posters with messages against all wars, signs of every kind of country.
There were the colors of the American flag with the boys and girls of Shippensburg (Pennsylvania) with their band and their majorettes; there were the faces of women of Yemen; there were the cheerful songs of the African boys; there was Uxania, a Ukrainian girl who told us about the war in her country, a war that is little talked about but that like all wars snatches children from their families and causes pain and poverty. We set off at 11am. Slowly, in joy, exchanging smiles and a few words with people asking us for information about our neckerchief, about our being scout. We arrived in Piazza San Pietro, in the arms of the wonderful Bernini colonnade a few minutes before 12. We admired the spectacular Jesolo sand Nativity made in front of the Basilica with the sand of Veneto. At 12 o'clock, Pope Francis, greeted by everyone, began the Angelus: we prayed together entrusting ourselves to the immeasurable love of Mary Most Holy Mother of God. He greeted all those who had marched for Peace, hoping for the interest and the service of politics against all wars. Touched as always, we greeted each other carrying the message of the Pope in our hearts, along our roads.

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