On 15 June, the national event "Tavolata italiana senza Muri", a italian tableful without walls, a sharing lunch without divisions, was held simultaneously in many Italian cities. In Lazio this special event was held in Rome and in Latina, and the “MASCI Lazio“ gave its significant contribution. Two moments to demonstrate commitment to dialogue and solidarity with those who have less and those who seek a better life possibility away from their homeland. An opportunity to show that there is another Italy, welcoming and capable of inclusion and peaceful coexistence.

For the Tableful in Rome, the principal of Italy, two long rows of colored tables were set up on Via della Conciliazione opposite the Basilica of San Pietro in the Vatican, on which more than a thousand guests and volunteers sat. All together to share a frugal meal, so that through sharing and acceptance, we arrive at a fraternal and peaceful coexistence among peoples.

In Latina, the Tavolata was the initial event of a series of events organized on the occasion of World Refugee Day on June 20, entitled "MIGRANDO, peoples and cultures". The municipal administration has wanted to emphasize the significance of this anniversary, with a series of events during all week. About three hundred participants at the Pontine tableful, including the Mayor of the City, the Bishop of the Diocese and other city authorities.

Two cities in Lazio but 23 in total throughout Italy, hosted more or less participated tables, but all characterized by cheerfulness, colors, the desire to welcome in perfect union of spirit to show that another Italy is there, who is present and works to build and unite and not to destroy and divide.

You can see the photos of the two events by visiting the photo gallery of our site.