The ways of Transhumance in Amatrice

On 21 and 22 September, an event dedicated to the can
didacy of Transumanza as heritage of UNESCO was held in Amatrice. Transhumance (the seasonal movement of livestock between summer and winter pastures) is an important moment in the economy and culture of these places so hard hit by the 2016 earthquake.
Masci, the local institutions and associations have worked together to support Amatrice in this weekend full of reflections, re-enactments, music and good food.
At the “Polo del Gusto”, a new food and shopping area, 26 adult scouts helped set up the space for an exhibition and a conference on "The ways of Transhumance".
On Sunday the scouts followed a parade of colorful typical costumes.
Masci has worked with Amatrice since the dramatic days after the first quake, now more than three years ago.  Our mission is to convey the scout principles based on play and song to the most affected people, trying to spread the trust and sense of the community.  The purpose of Masci is to be close to the population, which it will also do by supporting the UNESCO candidacy of transhumance: the beginning of a journey towards the revaluation of this territory and its origins.