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"We are men and women coming from different paths and experiences, united by the belief that scouting is a path of freedom for all the seasons of life and that happiness is in serving others."

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Pubblicato: Mercoledì, 26 Giugno 2019
On 15 June, the national event "Tavolata italiana senza Muri", a italian tableful without walls, a sharing lunch without divisions, was held simultaneously in many Italian cities. In Lazio this special event was held in Rome and in Latina, and the “MASCI Lazio“ gave its significant contribution. Two moments to demonstrate commitment to dialogue and solidarity with those who have less and those who seek a better life possibility away from their homeland. An opportunity to show that there is another Italy, welcoming and capable of inclusion and peaceful coexistence.

For the Tableful in Rome, the principal of Italy, two long rows of colored tables were set up on Via della Conciliazione opposite the Basilica of San Pietro in the Vatican, on which more than a thousand guests and volunteers sat. All together to share a frugal meal, so that through sharing and acceptance, we arrive at a fraternal and peaceful coexistence among peoples.

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April 23, St. George's Day

Pubblicato: Mercoledì, 27 Marzo 2019

April 23 is the day of Saint George, Patron Saint of Explorers from around the world and in general of every Scout fellow.
The knight George is the symbol of courage and adventure that should characterize all of us who try to do our best in every situation. Robert Baden-Powell was also inspired by St. George and compares the explorers to the old medieval knights: for this reason before a scout promise he or she usually lives a vigil of arms just like the knights.
Every year on St. George's Day scouts of all ages meet in the church of San Giorgio in Velabro in Rome, for the renewal of the Promise scout.

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Pubblicato: Giovedì, 10 Gennaio 2019
On the first day of each year the MASCI participates in the March for Peace organized by the Community of Sant'Egidio in Rome. Also last Tuesday, January 1st, therefore, under the sun of a cold Roman day, some of us met as usual at the start of Via della Conciliazione, with many young and old people from all over the world to give a testimony of Peace. Our group moved behind our blue banner with the white and red lily of our movement. Around us multicolored flags of Peace, posters with messages against all wars, signs of every kind of country.


Pubblicato: Giovedì, 10 Gennaio 2019
On December 16th the Light of Peace from Bethlehem arrived in Rome waiting for about 800 people, scouts of the MASCI of the AGESCI and the FSE, gathered to bring the flame to the Papal Basilica of St. Peter's in the Vatican, giving it as it has been for many years to the Holy Father Francis. All together in the parade they walked Viale della Conciliazione to get to the feet of the sand nativity scene, the Sand Nativity, created by the artists of the venetian city of Jesolo. It was Cardinal Angelo Comastri, archpriest of the papal Basilica, who received the precious gift from the hands of two Roman cubs representing all the Italian Catholic scout movement. A holy Mass then saw the whole delegation gathered in prayer, thus sealing the event with the community prayer.

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